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Do Exploits!

February 12, 2020 No Comments

After a long wait, 2020 is upon us. It is a brand-new year that God has given us to partake in. We have experienced the rises and falls of years past, but now there is a clean slate to start on. The old has passed away and the new has come. We can dust off our feet and enter a season of rest and of course exploits. This year is Shiloh 2020: the year of exploits. It is a year that we take new grounds and try new things. A year of excellence. If you feel as if you do not qualify to experience it, you must change your mindset. We all can enter what God has for us in this year.

As Pastor Ralph has said “Exploits are done, not spoken.” We all have that habit of saying we are going to do something and then not actually doing it. I know I can attest to that. The difference now this year is getting things done. So, think of the ideas you had in the past that you never completed or the goals you had that you never checked off. Get them done! Travel to that city, complete that program, write that book, start a business, speak to that person. There is no room to fear. Fear has no place in the lives of those who will do exploits.

The latter half of Daniel 11:32 says “but the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.” If you dissect that verse, you see there are two prerequisites to carrying out exploits. The first is knowing God and the second is being strong. We must know God deeply to carry out exploits. It is important that we spend ample time in His presence seeking Him daily. Prayer is a weapon we must utilize this year. We must pray until our lips move with no sound. God is calling us to know Him more. As we know Him more and seek His face, we will develop an unshakeable strength. This strength will propel us forward to do exploits. Our foundation first is found in Christ. It is then that He will give us the strength to get things done.

With all that said I urge you to turn over a new leaf this year. Take some time to sit down and write what you want to accomplish this year. Give that list to God and watch what He does with it. Begin to pray some uncommon prayers so you can do some uncommon feats. It is only through prayer that you can truly rest. Go forth and do exploits! 


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