It’s the first step you take in beginning your walk with God…


Encounters are an important step in our Ladder of Transformation. It’s the first step you take in beginning your walk with God. Encounters are specific to your growth. They consist of workshops, sessions, and spiritual building that all play a vital role in your growth with God. It is a 48-hour weekend filled with constant encounters with God and the Holy Spirit. An encounter is a time where we are separated from all of life’s distractions and we are connected to our creator.

Once returning from an encounter, there is a celebration. That’s right! You are celebrated for what you just accomplished. You said ‘yes’ to God and to a personal encounter with Him. After which, you are then guided through several post-encounter classes that help you maintain all that you have received. Once completed, it’s time for a Re-Encounter.

A Re-Encounter is your next step on the Ladder of Transformation. Similar to an Encounter with a 48-hour getaway but different in what you will receive. Re-Encountering God with a new motive brings new blessings. Once you have dealt with your past, it’s time to address the present. This step prepares you for what God has called you for. Your Purpose, Your Destiny.

To begin your first step and register for the next Encounter, or re-dedicate yourself and climb up the ladder of transformation with a Re-Encounter, please register below, email campusrushencounters@gmail.com or speak with Pastor Seun directly after any Thursday service!

Let’s get your transformation started!