There’s always a place for you to serve in whatever capacity.

Check out our teams here at CR and see where you best fit in!

YOF Ambassadors

The Young on Fire Ambassadors is a team made up of representatives that promote and support the annual YOF conference. Each team member gets to represent a province in Canada, while taking charge of strategy and advertising in that province.

Kingdom Finance Team

This team helps to provide finances for CR through fundraising and a lot more other activities. They provide CR at large, with the opportunity to partner with God and the Church. It exists to educate everyone on the importance of giving as well as partnering with God.

Production Team

The production team is made up of dedicated individuals that ensure that every service and event flows in order with technical difficulties minimized. This team takes charge of stage-design, setup and takedown, lights and sound

Special Events Team

The Events team plans and executes events at Campus Rush. This team is responsible for producing high-brow events. It ensures that each event is catered in the best way possible and entertainment is provided.

Photography Team

This team ensures that pictures are taken during every service and events held at Campus Rush. The photography team ensures that all social media platforms have enough resources (pictures) to draw from when posting news on CR.

Hospitality Team

This team handles the food component of the After Party, held after the service on Thursdays. They are responsible for the decoration and setting up of the holding rooms for the Guest speaker and the Pastor. It also ensures that these rooms are left spotless by the end of every service.

Welcome Home Team

The Welcome Team strives to make every individual that walks through the doors at Campus Rush, to not only feel welcome but to know the love of God through us. This team is made up individuals who simply want to spread the love of God at the doors through the little things such as a smile, a hand shake or a hug.

CR Scholars

The Campus Rush Academic Excellence Team (CR Scholars) exists to build confidence every student’s ability to be successful in their academics. This team facilitates study sessions, academic counseling services, academic referrals, tutoring services.

First Time Visitors

This team is made up of individuals whose focus is to move the new members from a place of visiting to a place of belonging. This team is responsible for following up and guiding the first-time visitors, to get them involved and also to feel like they have come home.

Retention Team

This team focuses on fostering community within the church. It serves as a tool to check up on new members as well as older members in the form of calls and text messages. The retention team meets weekly to make calls from a prepared database and also planned visitations.

Protocol and Security Team

The Protocol and Security team ensures that a security detail is established for the safety of the members during services and events held at Campus Rush. The main goal of this team is to ensure that the established order of events during the service is not interrupted by external circumstances, a goal that is established through a trained team.

Evangelism Team

This team focuses on public outreach through sharing of the faith, forming genuine relationships and intercession. They make sure that people know of CR and its events, the word of God is being shared with everyone and anyone, and that the love that resides within CR is communicated to everyone that is encountered.

Women’s Outreach Ministry

This team serves as the women’s outreach team at Campus Rush focused on making sure that women are being the best that they can be. They plan various events throughout the year that is aimed at building a relationship among the ladies in CR. Its main event the Vow Conference is held on an annual basis in March.

Campus Rush Music

This team ensures that the music component of CR is fulfilled through constant innovation. Aside from worship during Thursday services this team creates of anthems and songs that are compiled into albums. They also plan and organize music festivals such as Night of Worship.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s ministry is made up of a team of individuals focuses of fostering a brotherhood within the men at CR. This team organizes fun activities, events and prayer nights with the aim of engaging with the men on a more personal level.

Video Team

This team ensures that videos are taken during every service and event held at Campus Rush. It makes sure that professional videos are produced for announcements promotions as well as the sermons. The goal of this team is to properly document every event and service for archives as also a source for social media platforms.

Publications and Public Relations Team

This team manages the public image of CR. It seeks various avenues through which Campus Rush can be published. This team ensures that every document that is produced and distributed by CR is properly represented.

CR Chosen

CR Chosen is the Campus Rush clothing brand. This team is made up of a group of individuals who share a passion for fashion. This team ensures that the fashion needs of CR are met, through the production of trendy items. They seek to create a CR brand within the Fashion industry thus influencing youth culture today.

Link Team

This team seeks to help university students and young adults get integrated into the Canadian workforce. It uses vehicles such as work permit application, resume workshops, networking events, etc. to create awareness and provide updated relevant information. These goals are achieved by the invitation of professionals and subject matter experts in these fields.

Missions Team

The goal of this team is to ensure the constant establishing of the Campus Rush Movement in other cities and nations. This team is tasked with the sharing of the gospel

in places it has never been heard of, connecting with the youth of different cities and countries, to spread the CR Movement to the world.

Web Experience Team

This team was put in place to ensure that the Campus Rush website is updated with the latest content as often as possible. This team monitors the Campus Rush social media platforms and tries to match the experience as uniform across the board for all ministries.

Finance Team

This team oversees the finances of the church. It is tasked with accounting for the expenses accrued by the church as well as donations that are being made. It ensures that proper procedures for cash intake are maintained while making sure that records are well kept and in line with accounting standards.

Rushing Wind

This is the Blog team of Campus Rush. This team consists of a group of writers who document and share experiences as youths living the Christian life. It discusses Christian truths that have been realized through an everyday walk with Christ. This blog caters to the more artistic members of Campus Rush seeing as it not only is a form of sharing different understandings of the gospel, it provides daily tips on everyday lives of youths.

CR Global

The goal of this team is to connect CR members in places other than the city of Ottawa and Canada, to the Campus Rush vision. This is achieved through several initiatives i.e. the CR app. The goal of this team like the CR missions is to spread not only the revival to other places, but also to connect with members worldwide.

Creative Team

This team is responsible for the creative element or aspect of the Campus Rush movement. This team works to make every project, service, event and the overall image of the team on the cutting edge with God-given creativity. It serves as a creative think tank for the inclusion of innovation into every event held at Campus Rush.

Service Coordinating Team

This team creates a time line for activities during each CR service. They ensure that allotted time for each section of the service is maintained and that every event is carried out without interruptions.